Kawamura LLC.

Experience of Crew

Our company will ensure that all selected seafarer's for ship placement meet the experience, certification, documentation, age, and medical fitness as required by the principle.  In addition to this, we will grant external SKYPE interviews as requested by the principle.  All individual seafarer's documents will be made available via an online database.

Proof of Certification and Regulation under STCW and ISO

All certificates and licenses of our crew are in accordance with the requirement of Regulation's V1-1 of STCW 78' Convention, as amended 95'.  All certificates of competency are governed by merchant shipping certification for engineering officers and deck officers regulation L.I. 1358 of 1988 issued pursuant to section 72 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1963 (act 183).

All certificates are ISO 900:2001certified.  The maritime university which awards these certificates (Regional Maritime University) is IMO White Listed as well as European Union accredited.  As a branch of the World Maritime University, it is run under the regulation of said university, Malmo Sweden.

All seaman's books used by our Ghanaian personnel are issued under section 115(1) of the Ghana Shipping Act 2003 (Act 645) and regulations in force pursuant to the provisions of I.L.O Convention No. 108 relating to Seafarer's Identity Documentation
Convention of 1958.  The seaman's books are issued on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Ghana by the Ghana Maritime Authority.

Tanker/LNG/LPG Endorsements

We will provide the necessary tanker endorsements for our personnel at no additional cost to the principle.  It usually takes a total of 2 weeks to complete both the basic tanker familiarization and the LNG/LPG training.  All training is conducted at R.M.U. facility, Accra.

Advanced training for Senior Officers

All officers will be checked to ensure that they have the following courses if required by the principle:

  1. Oil Major Inspection.
  2. Bridge team Management.

If lacking, we will provide the necessary endorsements for our personnel at no additional cost to the principle.  It usually takes a total of 1 week to complete each course.  All  training is conducted at R.M.U. facility, Accra.

Travel Arrangement for Crew

Travel arrangements for on and off signing crew will be handled efficiently by either Chipagon Travel and Tours (Accra, Ghana) or Marine Travel Services (Virginia Beach, Va.).  It is intended that Marine Travel handle will all travel to/from the Americas and
Chipagon travel and tour will handle West Africa all travel elsewhere in the world. 

The majority our seafarers are based in Ghana, and travel will be through Kotoka Int'l Airport (code ACC), served by majors such as KLM, British Airways, MEA, Emirates, and Delta Air Lines.  We will make all local travel arrangements in Ghana to/from the airport (there will be a few seafarers based outside of Ghana, mainly the UK and the States).

Both Chipagon Company Ltd. and Marine Travel Services are providers with a proven track record for efficiently and effectively handling of maritime travel. 

All quotations will be sent for approval by the principle in advance and all ticketing will be fully refundable as per normal maritime practice.    

All Visa requirements for countries inside Africa will be handled by Chipagon Travel and Tours.

All Visa requirements for countries outside of Africa will be directly handled by Kawamura Brothers GH.

Age Requirements

All age requirements by the principles will be strictly adhered to.


All our seafarer's speak English as their primary language.  All our seafarer's will be literate.

Verification of Licenses and Certificates

Most of our officers and crew are product of the Regional Maritime University, located in Accra, Ghana.  The Regional Maritime University (R.M.U.) is a sub regional tertiary institution which serves the whole of the Sub-Saharan West Africa. 

R.M.U. is a branch of the World Maritime University of Malmo, Sweden.

It is White Listed by the IMO as well as European Union accredited.  It is ISO 9001 2001 certified as well. 

Verification of the authenticity of said certificates are as follows:

  1. Since most of our personnel are from R.M.U. we have established an automatic certificate verification program with the registrar department through email.  We send certificate number, name and date to them and in turn they will within 24 hours (usually in the same day) verify the said document.

    When we are in doubt of the person's identity, our operations manager will do picture verification from the University.  The school is about a 40 minutes drive from the office in Accra.
  2. All licenses of our personnel are verified through the Ghana Maritime Authority, Accra Ghana.  We have established a direct contact with the Ministry where we send the said certificates numbers and date of issue and they in turn will confirm the name back to us.  This is a service that is paid for by us.
  3. When we are still in doubt of a particular applicant, our operations manager, who is a very experienced seafarer, will directly interview said individual.  As our office personnel have extensive knowledge of the local maritime community, and the area of residence of said people are limited to Accra, Tema, and Takoradi, it will not be difficult to find background information which will either conform or discredit said applicant.
  4. We have experience deck and engineering staff who do interviews for each individual applying for a position.  The interviews are done in person at the crewing office.

We agree to furnish your company with contact information of both R.M.U. and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, so that your company can perform third party verification if the need arises.

Cadet Program

Our company will gladly provide any number of deck and engine cadets you require for training aboard your ships as future officers.  As of now, we have not less than 100 cadets on stand-by looking for a training vessel.  
Upon consultation with R.M.U. and the Ghana Maritime Authority, a fixed allowance of $300 a month stipend pay was brought up for your consideration.  Should you deem it necessary to adjust this amount by any reasonable amount we will go by it as currently we have many cadets eagerly awaiting vessels to gain necessary sea experience.  It adds value to their lives and promotes Ghana as a Maritime Nation.  There will be a committee made up of the R.M.U., Ghana Maritime Authority as well as ourselves to select said candidates based on academic achievement and personal behavior.


We agree to provide both officers uniform and a cadet's uniform. 

Company Policies

The following is a non-inclusive list of behavior which will not be tolerated, and will call for immediate dismissal of offending party:

  1. Bribery, dashing, or tipping for ones position.
  2. Drug use.
  3. Violent behavior.
  4. Jumping of ships.
  5. Insubordination.
  6. False documentation.
  7. Gross negligence.

Also note that where as many Ghanaian crewing firms use the foreign visa process as a tool to acquire additional funds from the applicants, we have completely forgone such a system, and relay on the deeply ingrained bond within the family structure by having a letter of guarantee signed by each candidate (see appendix "A").

Medical  screening of crew

The Ghana maritime authority (GMA) have two medical centers with experience  and reliable medical doctors doing medical  checks on all seafarers in the country.

Medical checks are in two forms, some seafarers are  checked every two years whiles others are checked in four years, depending on the age and medical history of the seamen.

A  form is picked from the GMA and presented to the respective hospitals where the two government approve doctors work. Sight, blood, urine and general body screening are conducted and the result sent to the GMA by the doctors, before medical certificate will be issued or refused depending on the outcome of the medical test.

This medical certificate will be provided to our company during application for job.

A personal medical scrutiny can be requested by the shipping company. In this case, our company will arrange for our doctor to conduct an additional checks on the applicant and the results forwarded to the shipping company.

A details  of this medical  test and an original copy of the medical certificate will be presented  on board.

Crew Interviews by principles.

We have both wireless internet capabilities via MTN air cards on mobile laptops.  All laptops are SKYPE enabled, therefore we can provide third party interviews at any location in Ghana (not just our office).  This will give the principles the ability to actually perform their own interviews of interested crew members.


We have a website, www.KawamuraLLC.com in which companies can search for candidates based on search parameters, such as availability dates, rank, and ship type experience.