Kawamura LLC.

Kawamura LLC and Kawamura Brothers GH Ltd.

1.  Basic Company.

A.  Kawamura Brothers GH Ltd. is Limited Corp. and whole owed subsidiary of Kawamura LLC.  It is based in Accra, Ghana.  Formed in 2003.  The two officers are Michael M. Kawamura and Anthony Mensah Ansre.  Other full time employees are Kingston Agyare (operations/recruitment manager) and Thompson Kwame Ansre (clerical).  Anthony Ansre is a graduate of Presbyterian College Accra with a degree in finance, and Kingston Agyare is a former senior Electrical Engineer Officer, and a former Ghanaian Naval Officer.  Further we have Chief Engineer Peter Nyarko and Captain
Ricketts as consultants and interviewers.

B.  Kawamura LLC is based in San Francisco, Ca. USA.  Sole member is Michael M. Kawamura.  Formed in late 2002.  Michael Kawamura has approximately 14 years experience in marine industry as a Ship's Agent, Traffic/Operations Rep., and Sales Rep. covering all types of vessels.

2.  Banks are as follows:

A.  Kawamura Brothers GH Ltd, Prudential Bank GH Ltd., established 2003.  
B.  Kawamura LLC, Well Fargo Bank, established 2003.

3.  Basic information.

We primarily provide Engineering and Deck Officers, but can also provide all ratings.  Our emphasis is on the engine side, due to the nature of our manpower pool.
The majority of our personnel (95%) are Ghanaian and have either their certification or education from Regional Maritime University in Accra (which is IMO White Listed and EU Accredited, as well as ISO 2008 Certified).  The remaining 5% of our personnel will be a mix of Nigerian, Liberian, and Sierra Leonean.  All will speak English as their primary language.

To give you a basic overview, based on our knowledge of the man power pool we have:

  1. 50% of candidates will be licensed officers, 50% will be ratings.  Up to this point, we have concentrated on officers over ratings, but there is certainly a large pool of ratings that we can target if we can find a client for them.
  2. 70% of all candidates will be engine room, 30% deck.  This will not change so much.

Note: Our Applicants come from an extremely large range of previous shipping lines.  Generally their experience is on oil, lpg, lng, and product carriers as well as bulk, container, and ro-ro.

We have set up an office location in Accra to process applicants.  We have also set up a web based application program where clients can login to search for candidates based on their needs/parameters, see login in tab (user name and password enabled).

Services we provide in addition to the recruitment of individuals themselves are:

  1. Full screening of all applicants including education, license, work history, and certifications.
  2. Medical screening.
  3. Criminal background checks
  4. Provision for upgrading seafarer's knowledge to meet international ISO and STWC requirements and amendments by means of special courses at Regional Maritime University; such as Oil Major Inspections, LPG/LNG tanker training and endorsements.
  5. Travel and logistical arrangements for on-sign and off-signing from the vessel.
  6. US C1D Visa.
  7. Work uniforms.
  8. Provision of specific banking requirements for payment transfers of wages.

For easy clarification of crew certificates and licenses by Flag State Authorities, the following address and contact info are incorporated into our profile:

1.  Regional Maritime University
P.O. Box Gp115
Accra Ghana
Tel:  233-21-714-074
Tel:  233-21-712-343
Fax:  233-21-712-047
Email:  Registrar@rmu-edu.com

2.  Ghana Maritime Auhtority
Minsitry P.O. Box PMB 34
Accra Ghana
Tel:  233-21-684-392
Tel:  233-21-684-393
Fax:  233-21-677-702
Email:  Info@ghanamaritime.org

If you have any questions, or need me to address other concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Michael M. Kawamura
227 Shoreline Ct.
Email:  usa-ops@kawamurallc.com